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About Rockpool Jul 24 update

Rockpool Acquisitions plc

A listed Special Purpose Acquisition Company (“SPAC”) seeking a Reverse Takeover opportunity.

Rockpool, a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (“SPAC”) Listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange, is in a prime position to offer a suitable business with an anticipated market capitalisation in excess of £30 million a pre-packed Main Market Listing through a Reverse Takeover by Rockpool.

Suitable Reverse opportunities are sought from any industry, geographic location or domicile.

Rockpool’s three Directors are all highly skilled professionals and a Reverse could be completed expeditiously.

Rockpool is seeking a company or business:

Run by an exceptional senior management team with a proven track record in their industry or sector

With the desire and ability to grow significantly in its existing markets and/or in new markets

Which could perhaps act as a platform for acquisition and/or consolidation in its sector

Which could benefit greatly from better access to capital in the short and long-term

Whose reach, reputation and credibility with customers and suppliers alike may be enhanced by a public listing